100_2191 - Version 2About Chef Beverly Pruden
My journey with cooking began at a young age with a mother who encouraged me to use my creativity in the kitchen. I’m pretty sure those early attempts weren’t all that great, but you’d never have known it by her reactions!

Step two in my journey happened in college after I lost my healthy attitudes about food and began spiraling downward into a pattern of binge eating and crazy dieting. Finally my inner compass kicked in and I decided to stop all of that. My healthy eating “trifecta” became:

Balance of food groups with plenty of fruits of vegetables

Variety of quality ingredients

Healthy Portions that make sense for optimal health and weight

I developed healthy eating patterns that I could sustain for life and passed these habits on to my husband and children, enjoying cooking for them and with them for the past 30 years.

Step three in my journey was helping my mother care for my father in their home when he became ill. This special time was a blessing in many ways, but I found that one of my favorite things was to cook for them. So when it was time for me to get back into the work world, I decided to start my own business as a personal chef. Just as a footnote, my Dad was the inspiration for the name of my business: every day when I arrived I would say “Dad, you’re looking good!” he would reply “I’d rather be good looking!” So I named my business Cooking Good, and four years later I still am.





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