Service Features


How the Service Works:

Cooking Good is here to help you take charge of your dinners, even on busy days. No more grabbing something at a fast food restaurant. You come home to delicious meals prepared to your taste and quick to serve.
Here’s how it works.

  • After a free meal planning session, I develop a proposed menu for your approval.
  • On the morning of the cook day, I shop for fresh ingredients and arrive at your home ready to fill your kitchen with the smells of delicious food!
  • I bring my own cookware and utensils–all you provide are major appliances, empty sink, and clear counter space.
  • It takes a few hours from start to finish to prepare, package and store your meals in your refrigerator or freezer, and leave your kitchen neat as a pin!
  • A list of items with reheating instructions gives you everything you need to enjoy your delectable meals!

Service Features:

  • Meals that are balanced with a protein, starch, and vegetable OR with an appropriate nutritional balance according to YOUR needs.
  • Groceries purchased fresh the day of preparation.
  • No mark-up on cost of groceries.
  • Two Storage Options:
    • Fresh Service: meals can be stored in refrigerator for use within five days
    • Freezer Friendly: meals stored in freezer for use within one month